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Lets "fact check"

Friday, June 12, 2015

Many of you have probably read the blog in which my grandmother (the bipolar diva) attacks my grandfather, calling him a sociopath. I have stayed relatively uninvolved thus far, but this is absolutely ridiculous. I have never ever read, a piece of writing with more hypocrisy word for word. Not only does she exhibit every single sign of sociopathy she uses her blog to manipulate her followers, the same way she claims my grandfather manipulates the emotions of others. I have watched grandmother fake cry, lie, and manipulate  my entire life and i am DONE. I will not allow her to attack this man who has done nothing but love her. My grandfather has never ever abused her, the ONLY person who has physically harmed their spouse is her. She has lied about all of this, she did not get a divorce with him because he "abused" her. Not only has she manipulated all of her friends and colleagues, she has weaved a web of lines so elaborate i cannot even fathom the wickedness that it must go through her mind. My grandfather shows ZERO signs of sociapathy, as for the "public records she plan to post. She has lied
To police to her doctors, to everyone around her, she paints herself as a victim she wants the attention and she wants the sympathy. I will not allow her web of
Lies to trap her followers the way she has her friends, i previously posted a poem called "the queen of lies", i was venting about her and her evil doings. Now before she claims that i have "false memories" supposedly implanted by my grandfather, my grandpa has never ever tried to force us to believe anything, he never gets angry when we disagree with him, he allows us to think for ourselves and guides us in a fatheryl way. Now the diva is the only one who tries to manipulate so that you see things how she wants you too. Now
Who really sounds like a sociopath? 
A woman who calls her kind husband who she abused verbally and physically a sociopath and abusive, or the kind man who protects his family and defends his ex wife even though he knows
Of her evils.

She says that sociopaths are wordsmiths? 
Looks at her blog, she writes beautfiully and poetically to depict her suffering, she rarely talks about anything but her sufferings, she loves the sympathy and the attention. she has decieved you all.
Writing this isnt easy, i really do love her, and to call her out. It isnt easy, i really do love her, but i cannot allow this wickedness.

If you have questions you can email me @


Teri has posted pictures and public documents showing bruises and "fingerprints",
She leaves out how the family has witness her attack him and all he ever does is hold her back, this would sometimes leave bruises but it is much better then what she has done to him. The public records that report assault, Teri claims that Jeff punched her over and over again, that's all it takes for them to report it as assault. As for the bruised leg, if she truly wanted to hide and protect him and didn't want to paint herself as a victim, why would she go to a nail salon? Why would she have someone at a public nail salon take that picture?

Teri has lied to police to doctors to everyone it's a sick addiction, please do not fall for this!
MANY people have witnessed Teri attacking my grandpa, and all he does is hold her away while she flails about, he holds her away, most of these bruised are from her. He never punched her neck, she attacked him that night and he pushed her away accidentally hitting her neck.

she will continue lying and presenting herself as a victim as helpless she craves affection she craves sympathy. BEFORE any of this even happened I talked to my psychologist a PSY.D who agreed that Teri has sociopathic tendencies.

Impulsivity is a major sign of sociopathy, ask Teri about the hundred of thousand of dollar of credit card debt she has gotten my grandfather into? Even using there business card to shop with.

ask her about the Money he sends her every month.

Sociopaths have charisma? Teri is starting a tv show, she has tons of friends. My grandpa owns a general contracting company.

I'm begging you not to fall for her lies. Because she is good at it.

a serene memory.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

(Took this picture that evening)

     The Oklahoma evening was warm and pleasantly humid;
crickets and birds chirped harmoniously, a pleasing organic chorus of wind through leaves accompanied their song. The  horizon was a blazing array of colors, painted by the diffusion of color; from the throne of clouds surrounding the setting sun. A hummingbird darted in front of my line of vision, its wings a fascinating blur, the light of the sun reflected of its emerald and sapphire back. It looked at me for a second more inquisitive then intelligence, but can curiosity exist within a unintelligent being? After a second of leisure the picayunish bird fled towards a brilliant orange tiger lily.

   "Aren't they beautiful" said heika here German accent still thick after decades of the American life. She had wise grey eyes with brilliant lightning bolts of white, deviating from the typical iris's striations.

"They really are" I replied through sips of frigid sweet tea.
We leisurely chatted for awhile while my grandpa and her husband prepped the truck and trailer for the rigorous harvest of the amber hay. These elders took no shortcuts in there work. Heika's husband George and my Grandpa followed the truck and put each individual hay bale in the trailer. Me and Heika took turns driving the truck because over the years Heika's ability to see at night had declined.
Although heike would never admit it, she was a proud strong woman, HA at one point she had worked at a butcher shop with mostly men.

As Heika navigated the truck through the many bales of hay, we talked about everything without really talking about anything at all. She regaled me with german humor and tales of her childhood. As the night continued and we all grew tired, we drove the truck into the barn and Heika and I shared one last cup of tea.


Friday, October 10, 2014

         The moon sits on a cotton throne of silver clouds, 
      the sky around it pure black, with occasional twinkling interruptions. Suddenly the horizon is set aflame by a wide array of oranges, reds, and pinks.

  A bird chirps, then another they start to sing their morning song like you fall asleep slowly, then all at once. The crisp morning air smells like the supple dew on delicate blades of emerald grass.

The flames of the horizon intensify as the magnificent source rises; The moon cowers and hides in the wake of its glory.

Im back

         I've been gone for awhile, and a lot has happened since my last post. I will post more often! I moved from Oregon to Texas, which has been scary and exciting. At first I was more then apprehensive; I was living in the place I've always wanted to, and going to school with the best friends I ever had. I didn't want to leave, I love Oregon. Also I was going to  be starting my freshman year of high school late, and in  new state.

         But it was fine, it is fine. I'm in a great neighborhood, in a pleasant house. I'm currently enrolled in the health science program, which is a rigorous four year medical training program. 
By senior year I will have earned a endorsement of health science and Public services, and I will be a certified EMT-I. 

This is great its honestly all I could hope for, by 18 I will have  not a job a career. I've learned a lot from this, change is hard, but it is also good.


The Queen Of Lies

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sit on your throne Queen, your filthy throne of wickedness, grand in only your blind and selfish eyes.

 Use your wicked tongue, second only to satan himself, as your weapon.

A fallacy here, a manipulation there.

Watch Queen as those who once loved you leave you behind.

Weep, and cry for yourself, so blind as not to see you did this to yourself. 

Do what you will, continue with your lies, polish your silver tongue.

Crush those who oppose you, those who once loved you, and look there's no one left. 

Now queen its just you and your false riches, isnt this what you've always wanted?