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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Since 1970 when Hawaii and New York legalized abortion, It became an option to kill your child. To kill your child because, you don't feel you could take care of it; Or maybe because someone is to young, or that the baby isn't "Alive" yet. Abortion is murder, and there are many alternatives that don't involve stopping a beating heart.

Life. Life is defined as "The ability to grow, change, and feel."
From the moment two zygote join (Sperm and Ova) the embryo is growing and changing. That means it is alive, so can you really use the defense that there not yet alive?

A person may accidently get pregnant at a young age or in a bad situation. So there first thought is "Its ok, because I can kill my baby".  Why not put it up for adoption? Its more then a valid option,  so why would you murder a sweet innocent child?

Abortion is a disgusting crime, in which a person kills a child.


Friday, October 10, 2014

         The moon sits on a cotton throne of silver clouds, 
      the sky around it pure black, with occasional twinkling interruptions. Suddenly the horizon is set aflame by a wide array of oranges, reds, and pinks.

  A bird chirps, then another they start to sing their morning song like you fall asleep slowly, then all at once. The crisp morning air smells like the supple dew on delicate blades of emerald grass.

The flames of the horizon intensify as the magnificent source rises; The moon cowers and hides in the wake of its glory.

Im back

         I've been gone for awhile, and a lot has happened since my last post. I will post more often! I moved from Oregon to Texas, which has been scary and exciting. At first I was more then apprehensive; I was living in the place I've always wanted to, and going to school with the best friends I ever had. I didn't want to leave, I love Oregon. Also I was going to  be starting my freshman year of high school late, and in  new state.

         But it was fine, it is fine. I'm in a great neighborhood, in a pleasant house. I'm currently enrolled in the health science program, which is a rigorous four year medical training program. 
By senior year I will have earned a endorsement of health science and Public services, and I will be a certified EMT-I. 

This is great its honestly all I could hope for, by 18 I will have  not a job a career. I've learned a lot from this, change is hard, but it is also good.


The Queen Of Lies

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sit on your throne Queen, your filthy throne of wickedness, grand in only your blind and selfish eyes.

 Use your wicked tongue, second only to satan himself, as your weapon.

A fallacy here, a manipulation there.

Watch Queen as those who once loved you leave you behind.

Weep, and cry for yourself, so blind as not to see you did this to yourself. 

Do what you will, continue with your lies, polish your silver tongue.

Crush those who oppose you, those who once loved you, and look there's no one left. 

Now queen its just you and your false riches, isnt this what you've always wanted?