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Creative writing contest she won :(

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Prompt boat in a storm.

Her: Wind whipped my hair frantically, rain stung my face and I squinted to see. Massive waves crashed at the prow and surged under the ship, a rolling sensation never matched. Stress filled the air from the other crew members, the first mate yelling over the raging wind. An underlying adrenaline rush buzzed in the humid air, with an undertone of excitement. The crew frantically tossed buckets of water over board. People tied ropes down as swiftly and tightly as possible. I rolled a barrel of gun powder across the deck, balancing out the weight. Once I was finished rolling barrels in the biblical rain and wind, I retreated into the belly of the ship to ride out the storm. 

Me: Rain hit the metal boat furiosly, it seemed to come from the ocean and the sky, as if the sea and the heavens were at war. Wave after wave hit the boat, almost sendin us overboard. The rain intensified it sounded like gun fire. What was the captain saying? Abandon ship? The world flipped upside down i was underwater. I was in hell. A. Fierce suction kept me underwater. I tried to fight but my muscles burned. My lungs screames for air. Without permission i inhaled deeply water filled my lungs, accompanied by a deep pain. Then everything faded. black. gone. dead. Drowned..... Hello god! 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

(We have to publish a book for school)

Its not editted yet or
Finished not even one chapter is done.

Chapter 1 washington 

The warm water from the shower dripped down, my body in delicate streams. 
After I finished washing the soap from my body, i stepped out of the shower. 
In the mirror i glanced at myself my eyes were  brown, but deep dark brown like like a piece of topaz embedded in my skull. My hair black, and. I was 6`2 and i had a masculine physique. After brushing my teeth i threw my toothbrush and deodorant in my backpack. I dressed in jeans and black converse, and a green jacket. 

I looked around at my apartment one more time knowing i wouldnt see it again. 
Today i was beginning my journey through  America… 

I sat on a hard rock by a rail road waiting for the next train to somewhere. birds chirped in the trees, and butterfly floated over the train tracks. A sweet smelling breeze caught the butterfly drilling it into the ground. Well that sucks i thought and lit a cigarette. The distant sound of the train approaching roused me from my reverie. I threw my lit cigarette on the ground and approached the tracks, I stood parallel to the tracks, The first car passed loudly wind whistled in my ears. My heart pounded in my chest and my arms shook. The familiar and thoroughly enjoyed feeling of an adrenaline rush coursed through my body. 
After about nine cars passed me a box car with two  open doors on both sides started to get close. I started running as fast as possible along the train, once the red boxcar caught up to me i jumped diagonal through the opening into the car. 
I landed hard in the middle of the empty boxcar. My arm ached from landing on it…

I sat in the corner of the boxcar shivering from the fierce wind, out of my backpack i produced a quilt  and wrapped it around myself.Mount hood was nearing closer like a icy behemoth it loomed over me.Ominously. The sun went down but i couldn't sleep, if i slept then i might not notice when the train stops, and the conductor could find me. After the sun rose again i noticed the train slowing gradually a sure sign we were nearing a station. I quickly repacked my quilt, and stood at the edge of the boxcar.the wind roared in my ears, I crouched down low then suddenly like a treefrog from a leaf i leaped from the train. When i land i bent my knees, and then straightened staying on my feet.A blue sign said washington state on it the train was already far in the distance. Were i was was…. in one direction i could see mt hood and the other mt st helens. 
I was in a area of heavy foliage but i knew i had to be near a train station. 
I walked along the tracks for about an hour, until i reached the train station. 
I was in spokane washington close to idaho. It was an industrial looking town with a azure river gushing through it. It started to rain, one drop hit my shoulder, now another, again, faster, until the sky sobbed huge drops of water rapidly onto the land below.  People pulled out umbrellas and opened them hiding behind them like a drop of water hides from the sun. I pulled my coat tighter valuing its warmth. A man walked by me and “accidently” bumped into me deftly sliding his hand into my back pocket. In one swift motion i grabbed his arm and twisted it behind him. Than with dexeterity i pushed him to his knees and slapped him in the face with the back of my hand, and walked away. What an idiot i thought, 
after looking around the town for awhile i settle on eating at a diner called aunt rosa`s little corner. The front door for some far out reason had a mirror on it but i caught a glimpse of myself. I wasnt quite dirty yet but my hair had taken a slightly wild appearance. I went into the bathroom and wet my hands than ran them through my hair.  I walked back out into the diner, the floor was checkered black and white tiles and the walls were white with an occasional rose painted on it.  A kind looking old woman materialised behind me and smiled.

“Can i help you son?” she said in a liquid voice it was warm and soothing, it was warm honey dripping down a biscuit.  She had deep grey eyes wise eyes, and white hair.   

“Yes ma`am” I smiled “Any recommendations?”  
She smiled deepening her wrinkles.  

“No one of your generation has bothered, saying ma`am in a long time...Such manners” She smiled again. 

“Thank you ma'am.” 
“The burgers are good, So is the steak, but whatever you decide its on the house!” 

“Oh no its alright i can pa-
“No” she spoke sternly like only a mother can “You wont spend even a picayune amount of money here.” 

“Yes ma'am thank you very much” I glimpsed at her name tag “Rosa.”    

I ordered thoughtfully, just a burger and water. Rosa brought my food to me still smiling kindly. 

“Enjoy… Excuse me i never caught your name?” 
“Its jensen.. Jensen stone.” 
She smiled again and walked back to the register and sat waiting for more customers. 

Steam came off the fries and the smell of the burger mad my mouth water. 
I took a bite savoring the flavor. I ate the rest of it really rather ravenously. 
When i left the homey feeling diner rosa said a motherly “Goodbye, son be well.” 
The rain had intensified I knew i should have brought an umbrella i scolded myself. 

I looked around for awhile until i found a tattoo shop, It was called “Burnt butterflies tattoo and piercing.” 

I opened the door and the strong smell of cigarette smoke mad me reflexively reach back and light my own. A sign said in bold letter smoking aloud. 
At the front desk a man sat looking bored, He had a septal piercing and 3 other piercings on his nose. He had industrial piercings in his ears, and tattoos dominated his body. 
He looked up at me as if to roll his eyes. 

“ How much are your tattoos?” 

“25 to” he sighed “200 dollars.” 

“thank you.”

“Yeah sure, should i tell the artist to prep a room?” 


“Do you know what you want” he sort of spat like the word like they tasted bad in his mouth. 


He walked away and went behind a door. Before long him and another man came out from the door. 
The newcomer had “Hi my name is Ryan”, tattooed on his forehead. The rest of his body was tattooed and he didnt wear a shirt revealing nipple piercings.he had sandy colored hair and blue eyes. 
He waved at me to follow him, i obliged and walked behind the door on black chair resembling a dentist chair sat in the middle of the room. To the right of that was a table covered with different bottles of ink. 
I sat down on the chair, the leather was cold. 
Ryan spoke in a gruff tone that resembled driving over gravel “Is this your first time getting a tattoo?” 

“Yes” i murmurred.   

“What do you want?” 

“Oregon and washington as puzzle pieces, connected but they need places for other states to connect… And could you put the state flags on them, also i want it on my right peck over my heart.” 

“Mhmm” he said while preparing what must have been the tattoo machine. 
I took off my shirt and laid down on the chair, the leather was uncomfortably cold against my back. He began to make the first line, it felt like a cat dragging its claw across my skin,  A easily tolerated pain.  

“Are you traveling?” 

“Yes i am, im walking and uhmm train hopping through america wherever the road takes me.I had no idea were the train i road here was going.” 
His eyes sort of lit up and he seemed to become lost in thought. 
Once he finished oregon he started washington and said 

“Can i… come along” he asked his voice quavering like a puddle in the wake of a giant. 

I thought for a moment then said “Yes you can but just know that, its not gonna be easy tonight im sleeping in the woods, and tommorow im jumping on a moving train to get to...somewhere.” 

“Im up for that” he said. 

“ok, so why do you wanna go?” 

He laughed “I guess im just tired of this, im tired of taking things for granted technology, electricity we dont need it. These days no one can think for themselves and i wanna leave it all.” 

“Me to… verbatim.”    

After the tattoo He put on a shirt and leather jacket and ran upstairs, and came down with a backpack bursting at the seems.  After that he told the other man at the front desk that he could have the business and the house upstairs. 
Then we left, We walked together through the rain to the nearest bridge east towards idaho.  The water gushed under the bridge in a white torrent. 
We walked until we found a forest, than we headed about half a mile into it. 

I rolled out my sleeping bag under a herculean evergreen. The rain couldn't penetrate the wings of my green angel. Ryan laid his out about 3 feet from mine, and sighed. 

“Its beautiful here, I could get used to this.”

After that we talked until we were so tired we fell asleep mid sentence. He was a really cool guy, very artistic like me, pretty much all around like me. Even liked the same music…. 

When i woke up, ryan had a fire blazing in the center of our small clearing. Birds chirped melodically.  

“What should we do for breakfast?” ryan asked while i scooted still in my sleeping bag towards the fire, tendrils of cold stung my exposed face. 

“Im gonna collect a bunch of edible plants and hopefully catch something in a snare… make a stew.” 


This is going to be my first tattoo.

Friday, February 14, 2014

More then just shoes part 2

Friday, January 24, 2014

More then just 6 shoes.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

^^ Me, Nikki, and Jeremiah.^^

These 6 pairs of shoes have been together forever.
They have kept each other going, they have walked through hell and back together. These 6 shoes are friends forever.
The brown shoes have taken the others places, and laughed with them the whole time. Those brown shoes have been like glue keeping the six shoes together. 
Those white shoes... Those white shoes make the others smile when there down, those shoes can make anything fun.
Those six shoes are inseparable bound by blood-no-Bound by love.

Psychology or Physiology.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Its always been clear that I want to do something, Deeply intertwined with science. Lately ive been asking myself, Psychology or Physiology. I`ve discovered a new talent for psychology. I took a bunch of test online to find microexpressions       It says it takes most people years of training to be able to see them, but there is a special 1% of people capable of seeing them innately. I took a test and got 10/10. I did some in depth research into criminal psychology, and now I examine everything people do psychologically on accident. But I still have a love for medicine which I am equally good at. Im so confused, What do you guys think?

Psychology or physiology?


Evil lurked in those walls

I've written before of supernatural experiences, at my first house i had one, and my second. Im not sure if im just unlucky or if i was followed. This is the story of my second house. 
I was laying in my bed watching a movie, shrek. I felt like someone had walked in the room, no one did, yet i still felt watched. This was a familiar feeling here, i said a quick prayer, and decided to go to sleep. I crawled to the end of my bed and stretched my arm to turn off the TV. When it flashed off i looked In it, there i was of course but behind me on my bed... It was a human shape, like a shadow had become 3D. "Leave!" I said i layed down and prayed til i fell asleep. The next night everyone was asleep except for me, i watched TV alone. For awhile thats. All i did until a flicker of movement caught my attention.
I already new what it was,  a wave of fear washed over me.
I got up trembling and walked into the kitchen. Everything was open. The dishwasher,the oven,the cabinets, the refrigerator. It was all open, i closed it of course and grabbed a bottle of olive oil, i sprinkled it in my room and the kitchen and the living room.
I prayed "lord cast this malevolence out, do not allow it to enter are home, lord purge the evil from are home, bless this property amen."  After that i felt watched but nothing big ever happened again...

The time I ran a hospital room.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Sorry this is a very late blog, since the event happened quite awhile ago but, i want to talk about it.

   My nana and i were selling jewelry that day. We were selling to a sweet old woman named Annette, her house was calm and peaceful. It invoked memories of 
Warm tea and cookies. One large storm window in the front illuminated, the entire room we were in. The beams of sunlight streamed through dust and landed on a tapestry that depicted, a meadow full of roses.   Nana and i had just finished filling out paramount paper work. When her phone rang. "Will you get that for me?" She asked me i picked it up, and answered it was my uncle jeremiah.  "Dads on a motorcycle!" 

"I know jere-

"NO!! Dad is on a motorcycle." 

"Were busy jeremiah i need to-

"Dad crashed his motorcycle!!" 
My heart sunk and i nearly dropped the phone, images of pneaumothoraxes and flail chest flashed through my mind, chilling my bones like cold thunder.

"Papa is in a wreck!" I told her, the room stood still as we looked into each others eyes, hers quickly filling with tears.

"Oh god" she murmured repeatedly. Annette got up and started packing food.
"You will get hungry, and hospital food is gross." She said.

My nana and i rushed to the hospital, the car ride was the longest of my life. I felt a panic attack surfacing but luckily my daily medicine for migraines is a beta blocker which dulls panic attacks. As soon as we got to his room i looked straight at the monitor, his oxygen saturation was low, 96, and his bloodpressure was high, and he was having arrithymias. I told the doctor my background in medicine and asked her to give me a rundown. 
He had 8 broken ribs, a pneumothorax, broken shoulder, and fractured ascitabulum. That day i noticed his oxygen dipping to a to low level, and asked them to set up high flow oxygen through a nasal cannula and they did, his level evened out, but he had 4 PVC in a row premature ventricular contractions.
This caused his heart to beat way to fast, and the nurse asked me what i think they should do. Not because he didn't know but because he was a nice man, and wanted to make me feel included. I said we should start a magnesium drip, and administer a zofran shot, because of his easily aggravated vomiting.

  The nurse agreed and the docter did to, after that the nurse and i made i game every time  something would happen he would explain or ask me how
To do it. That night i stayed behind, with my papa in the room, and slept in a plastic chair like the ones at school.
I didnt want to leave him. And i knew he wouldnt wanna be alone, so i stayed.
It was a rough next few weeks but we grew very close.

midnight tea

Saturday, January 4, 2014

I sipped a warm cup of chamomile tea, In the basement (which is really more of a second house due to many renovations.)  It was warm and soothing just like it should be, it was skillfully brewed for me by my aunt sara while we talked about are week, And vented about various things.
       We did this once or twice a week, stayed up talking until we couldn't anymore. We talked about college, and writing.
We even started writing a book together. For weeks, we would take turns writing from our characters point of view. Laughing and crying, She showed me the beauty in Corny tiny budgeted horror movies. We watched lake placid and repeated funny lines to eachother. When Jackson her newborn woke up we took turns, holding him so are writing could be uninterrupted. We became very close, although we got in various arguments, We are good friends.

    Now she has her own apartment, but im hoping somehow we can still sip midnight tea.

My place

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

They're are few places i can truly relax. And stop thinking.
About the future what may happen tomorrow what if what would i do. 
All to often i run scenarios of burglars and kidnappers in my head, and be prepared. So i can strategize.  But when i step into a forest or creek. All those scenarios are plucked from my mind. I see the beauty of gods creations. I hear the chirping birds, when i hear a stick snap i think bunny not murderer.
i smell flowers and rain, and melt into thought and deep prayer to jesus.  I feel safe. I wouldn't mind being a hermit. I go to the creek by my house all the time. It has a creek and i catch crawfish. I dip my toes in the frigid water and breathe through the cold.  I find medicinal herbs and tear them apart to examine how they work. Theres a special spot i like to sit, its a tree fallen across the creek. a watch the water flow and it washes away my every woe. That wasnt supposed to rhyme it just happened.
its my place.
It pretty there.