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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Warning young children, do not read other children it's time you know the truth.

This is about when I learned Santa is not real.
that night I was in bed I was about 7, josiah and I shared a room. I was snug in my bed trying to stay warm for we had no heater. I heard paper crinkling from the living room. And 3 year old Josiah did to. He got up an walked down the hallway and in the living room and I hear. "WHOA A TRUCK, Did Sanata come"
"Jos go back to bed" that's when I knew. Josiah continued running out there he even snatched a toy and almost made it down the hall before my dad caught him. Josiah could be a secret agent.


middle child said...

Hey Jakob. Anyone could be a secret agent, right? I like that you had a warning at the beginning of your post so that the right children read it. I think "Santa" means the spirit of giving. And being joyful. We should be nice all year like we are at Christmas.

The Bipolar Diva said...

HA! seems your parents need a few tricks!

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