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Psychology or Physiology.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Its always been clear that I want to do something, Deeply intertwined with science. Lately ive been asking myself, Psychology or Physiology. I`ve discovered a new talent for psychology. I took a bunch of test online to find microexpressions       It says it takes most people years of training to be able to see them, but there is a special 1% of people capable of seeing them innately. I took a test and got 10/10. I did some in depth research into criminal psychology, and now I examine everything people do psychologically on accident. But I still have a love for medicine which I am equally good at. Im so confused, What do you guys think?

Psychology or physiology?



middle child said...

I would think physiology would be good for you. You are very intelligent. Psychology -i don't believe is an exact science. But you do have the empathy to go into that as well. You do have time to research both right now. In time it should become clear to you which path you should follow. ♡

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