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The time I ran a hospital room.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Sorry this is a very late blog, since the event happened quite awhile ago but, i want to talk about it.

   My nana and i were selling jewelry that day. We were selling to a sweet old woman named Annette, her house was calm and peaceful. It invoked memories of 
Warm tea and cookies. One large storm window in the front illuminated, the entire room we were in. The beams of sunlight streamed through dust and landed on a tapestry that depicted, a meadow full of roses.   Nana and i had just finished filling out paramount paper work. When her phone rang. "Will you get that for me?" She asked me i picked it up, and answered it was my uncle jeremiah.  "Dads on a motorcycle!" 

"I know jere-

"NO!! Dad is on a motorcycle." 

"Were busy jeremiah i need to-

"Dad crashed his motorcycle!!" 
My heart sunk and i nearly dropped the phone, images of pneaumothoraxes and flail chest flashed through my mind, chilling my bones like cold thunder.

"Papa is in a wreck!" I told her, the room stood still as we looked into each others eyes, hers quickly filling with tears.

"Oh god" she murmured repeatedly. Annette got up and started packing food.
"You will get hungry, and hospital food is gross." She said.

My nana and i rushed to the hospital, the car ride was the longest of my life. I felt a panic attack surfacing but luckily my daily medicine for migraines is a beta blocker which dulls panic attacks. As soon as we got to his room i looked straight at the monitor, his oxygen saturation was low, 96, and his bloodpressure was high, and he was having arrithymias. I told the doctor my background in medicine and asked her to give me a rundown. 
He had 8 broken ribs, a pneumothorax, broken shoulder, and fractured ascitabulum. That day i noticed his oxygen dipping to a to low level, and asked them to set up high flow oxygen through a nasal cannula and they did, his level evened out, but he had 4 PVC in a row premature ventricular contractions.
This caused his heart to beat way to fast, and the nurse asked me what i think they should do. Not because he didn't know but because he was a nice man, and wanted to make me feel included. I said we should start a magnesium drip, and administer a zofran shot, because of his easily aggravated vomiting.

  The nurse agreed and the docter did to, after that the nurse and i made i game every time  something would happen he would explain or ask me how
To do it. That night i stayed behind, with my papa in the room, and slept in a plastic chair like the ones at school.
I didnt want to leave him. And i knew he wouldnt wanna be alone, so i stayed.
It was a rough next few weeks but we grew very close.


middle child said...

I've missed you buddy. You are so loving and caring. Be well.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love your blog. I'm a physician and saw your comment on Skeptical Scalpel's blog. Hope you pursue your dream of becoming a doctor.

Jakob said...

Thank you guys so much!!!

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