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Creative writing contest she won :(

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Prompt boat in a storm.

Her: Wind whipped my hair frantically, rain stung my face and I squinted to see. Massive waves crashed at the prow and surged under the ship, a rolling sensation never matched. Stress filled the air from the other crew members, the first mate yelling over the raging wind. An underlying adrenaline rush buzzed in the humid air, with an undertone of excitement. The crew frantically tossed buckets of water over board. People tied ropes down as swiftly and tightly as possible. I rolled a barrel of gun powder across the deck, balancing out the weight. Once I was finished rolling barrels in the biblical rain and wind, I retreated into the belly of the ship to ride out the storm. 

Me: Rain hit the metal boat furiosly, it seemed to come from the ocean and the sky, as if the sea and the heavens were at war. Wave after wave hit the boat, almost sendin us overboard. The rain intensified it sounded like gun fire. What was the captain saying? Abandon ship? The world flipped upside down i was underwater. I was in hell. A. Fierce suction kept me underwater. I tried to fight but my muscles burned. My lungs screames for air. Without permission i inhaled deeply water filled my lungs, accompanied by a deep pain. Then everything faded. black. gone. dead. Drowned..... Hello god! 


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